The biggest social network yet - Facebook!

It is time people! Today we will talk about one of the greatest social networks ever made. Do you know which website is most visited social network in 21st century? It’s Facebook, or comment pirater un compte facebook, and you probably already know almost everything about it and you have profile on it right? There is one guy named Mark Zuckerberg and he made this website for us long time ago, in late 2005. Facebook is made based on Mark’s first website called On Facesmash people were able to rate other people from Harvard with two options: hot or not. This website was great but Mark shut it down so he can work on his biggest project named: Facebook.

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At the beginning only students of Harvard were able to use Facebook, but later everyone with valid email address were able to make new profile and start chatting with other users. Big companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple wanted to buy for big amounts of money, but Mark and his crew didn’t want to sell it which was just amazing! They kept working on it and year later this social network had over 1, 5 billon of users. Everyone was enjoying in it since you were able to do anything on it, from chatting with people to liking various groups and pages and developing business. Due to amazing amounts of popularity in a very short period of time, Facebook had to hire over 150 employees.

Top 3 reasons to use Facebook!

Those people were working very hard to maintain order and security of greatest social network ever made. On Facebook you can do everything you want to. IF you like someone you can always text him and chat with him. There is possibility to post various songs and texts on your personal wall, also you can like someone’s posts and songs. Most amazing this is posting new picture on your profile and waiting for people to like it or comment it! There is possibility to find people with same interests by joining various groups, which is great opportunity to spread your business and earn even more money than before. Those are just few great reasons to use this website, but if you still don’t have profile it is right time to made one and start enjoying in this great website. If you don’t want to make new profile on Facebook, feel free to tell us why since we are curious and maybe we can help you to change your mind and make Facebook profile!

Montreal has beautiful art galleries!

In today’s short article, we will talk mostly about art galleries and how to find out what are they and which is their main propose. There are various kinds of art galleries but most important are public ones since they exist in almost every major city and they are the most visited part of art overhaul! Art galleries are used to show of various kinds of art, from paintings to various furniture, pastels, drawings and water colors. That’s why they are so important in today’s world full of internet technologies. Beside public galleries there are also few more types of art gallery. For example you can find vanity galleries which are private galleries made for profit only.For more info visit: gallery peter w hart.

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There less known artists can show their art for monthly fee since its really great way to promote your art and became even more famous! Contemporary art gallery is also really interesting place since that is really similar thing to variety galleries because that is also private gallery, but nobody can’t rent a place in it since it is not meant for profit! Main thing about this type of galleries is that the artist and gallery are really connected and both of them are really made for each other which is just amazing. There are many rich people who are keeping unique art for their collections which sometimes can be worth over five to ten million of US dollars. Also there is possibility to buy something on those private show offs since most of those collector don’t want to keep all of those valuable pieces of art which is amazing opportunity for other collectors!

Which type of art the most beautiful?

Don’t forget to visit all those beautiful art galleries because you will be able to find out really much about art overhaul which is just amazing! Have you ever wondered how it to make online art galleries is? Feel free to google for some of most famous art galleries because there is so many great art galleries which should be visited by every art lover. Online art galleries are usually connected to private art galleries and often that is the best way to promote your private art gallery! Feel free to leave a feedback about this article in comment section since we would love to find out more about art overhaul, so we could be able to share it to our readers!